Nov 30, 2010

Randomlipz and Randomeyez


I know I haven't updated in a while, sowwy!

But here's some lip glosses and swatches, and some random eyes :P

Let's start with the lippies!

I bought We Care Icon 's lipgloss set couple days ago, I now got them swatched.
Unfortunately these are not available internationally :(






 Then the eyes.
I still have somekind of makeup depression, I just can't seem to find the evergy to do cool looks. I

MAC Her Alter Image, MAC My Dark Magic and MAC Seedy Pearl

To be honest, I  really don't remember what I used here.
Ummmm... Gosh Plummy and Sunstone effect powders

GeekChic Gray Matter (my new favourite gray <3)
So tell me, what awesome goodies did you get during Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Nov 24, 2010

Stars in the Night


I just came quickly to show you my look for fun from the other day. This was lightly inspired by MAC's Color Ready Collection's pic:

OCC liptar Pageant


My looks have lately been quite  boring and  neutral, like my today's look with just eyeliner, falsies and  red lips:

And another look from this week :
 ( I'm having Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation, and it truly is a miracle worker! I ordered fullsized foundation from, I'll make better post  when it arrives.)

Haha, I also got new lens in the mail, star filter :D Now I can photoswith funny looking lights:

ALSO, Sigma is offering free shipping ANYWHERE in the world!
Use code BF2010 at checkout!

So if you want to grab the awesome Premium Travel Kit (which I love) or Supersweet Hollywood kabuki or anything else, GO FOR IT! :D

(I'm not sure if the code works already, it's Sigma's Black Friday promocode.)

Nov 23, 2010

Tutorial: Teal Tartan

You need:
  • Eyeshadow primer
  • MAC Undercurrent Pearlglide liner
  • MAC Moonlight Night pigment
  • Highlighter
  • Black eyeliner
  • mascara

Start again with priming your your lid with your primer of choise.

Then apply MAC Pearlglide Undercurrent to whole lid:

Next apply MAC Moonlight Night to crease and to outer part of the lid:

Add a hint of Undercurrent and Moonlight Night to halfway to lower lashline:

Line your upper llashline and waterline with black (I didn't want my waterline to be too dark) :

Add highlighter if needed (I only used Fyrinnae's In The Spotlight on browbone), and add mascara:


I paired with nude lips, Rosetto Velvet Lipstick 154 by Diego Dalla Palma :

Nov 20, 2010

A Tartan Haul

Hahaa, finally, Tartan!

I didn't really wait this collection, but I ended up hauling quite much :3
My original plan was to get only the pigments, but I got interested in one of the palettes, and ended up getting two more pearlglides as well.

  • Moonlight Night
  • Later.
  • The Family Crest
  • Beauties Play It Cool
Pearlglide Pencils:
  • Black Line
  • Petrol Blue
  • (Undercurrent)
Misc (these were ordered from
  • Tartan bag
  • Zoom Lash mascara

Let's start with the palette, 6 Beauties Play It Cool :

First the packaging:

Then the colors:
Silverwear, Hold My Gaze, To The Ball
Altered State, Magic Moor, Heather Belles

Then swatches:

My favourites:
Hold My Gaze. OMFG. I love it. It's gray and golden, sorta platinum shade. Love!
To the Ball is also really awesome, true matte (well, SATIN) , but still really pigmented. I guess this is taupe?
Silverwear is great highlighter for coller looks.
Heather Belles is really slightly shimmery grayish black, great one to deepen looks.

Swatches on lid:

One more thing about the palette.
The "brush" that came with the palette:
"China" is the only thing it says. Doesn't really make me thrust it :3

Then the pencils:

I owned Undercurrent already, but since it's part of Tartan collection, I swatched that one too:

Pure awesomeness. They last great, are supersoft and look amazing. What else can you ask?

Then the pigments:

Funny enough, these were the things I wanted the most, but the one that really won me over was the palette :D

I mean, these nothing wrong with these, the all are really awesome:
I especially love The Family Crest!

Here's some looks I've done with these:

Hold My Gaze + The Family Crest

Construtivist paint pot + The Family Crest + Black Line

Undercurrent + Moonlight Night

Undercurrent + Partylicious + If  It Sparkes.. + Later + Petrol Blue + MUFE 12L pencil on waterline