Jun 29, 2010

Undercurrent = L O V E


I'm so happy right now!

No, I didn't yet get my Sugarpill order, but I got something else.
Some of you might remember my rant about MAC "must-have-now" pencil Undercurrent from MAC's Art Supplies collection.
Unfortunately the collection NEVER arrived to Finland, so I've been searching that pencil online since I found the swatch from Temptalia.

Well anyway, last thursday I checked out Marlena's closet clearance from MUG Store, and what did my eyes see? The fraking Undercurrent! I did my order faster than wind, and it arrived to me already!

Here it is, by dear dear baby, which by way is just as cool and awesome and lovely as I expected:

And of course I had to use it right away, I wanted it to show, so I used Sensai's eye loose powder, and a hint of Ben Nye's Turquiose:

That's all this time.

EDIT: Check out my Brazil tutorial from my MSCHIC blog:

Jun 28, 2010

When galaxies collide

 Hello sweeties!

My today's look was made with Sugarpill Burning Heart palette, NYX Glitterliner Hot Pink and  Stargazer orange glitter:

I actually love how the glitter showed up.

Then something that I haven't done here before, I'll give you...


Three names I go by:
1 - Jangsara
2 - Kata
3 - Karita

Three jobs I have had:
1 - Nothing...
2 - ...to...
3 - ....mention

Three places I have lived:
1 - Korso
2 - Anjalankoski
3 - Espoo

Three favorite drinks:
1 - Coffee
2 - Soda
3 - Juice

Three TV shows I watch:
1 - True Blood
2 - Supernatural
3 - House M.D.

Three places I have been:
1 - Spain
2 - Sweden
3 - Estonia

Three places I would like to visit:
1 - USA
2 - Egypt
3 - Japan

Three people who text me regularly:
1 - Nobody...
2 - ..texts me...
3 - ...regulary

Three favorite old TV shows:
1 - 4400
2 - Taken
3 - Angel

Three favorite dishes:
1 - Greek salad
2 - PIZZA!
3 - Deep fried shrimps :D

Three makeup/beauty products I cannot live without:
1 - Primer
2 - Eyeshadows
3 - Foundation

Three things I'm looking forward to:
1 - Receiving my Sugarpill stuff!
2 - Winning in lottery :3
3 - Getting rich and famous ;D

Well, now you know something about me. So when you come to Finland, you can buy me Greek salad and coffee, and I'm forever yours ;D

Jun 27, 2010

Do zombie-goths dream of Absinthe?


I had a Battlestar Galactica marathon (watched seasons 3&4 and The Plan), so I "didn't have time" to update my blog :S

Maybe these looks make it up to you?

First there is my goth look part yadayadayada:

I don't know why, but I actually liked this look a lot. Done with Sugarpill Posion Plum and Love+.

Then something else!

I have the sweetest husband in the world, and from time to time he lets me paint his face.
Usually I do something dark and gorey, and I did this time too.

This idea came when my ex-husband asked me if I could do Two-Face mask from Batman (Dark Knight version).

How did I do? :

Eyes are photoshopped, everything else is dermavax, liquid latex, fake blood and facepaint.

This is my next project:
I'm gonna try and do zombie look!
Actually, if my ex-husband is going to dress up as Two-Face, I think I might try those teeth on him.

But what it comes to "normal" makeup, I've been quite lazy.

Yesterday I went with Sugarpill Absinthe and MAC Emerald Green (with Eyeko blue graffiti eyeliner pen):

And today I went with Sugarpill Absinthe, Hysteric and Poison Plum:

(I don't know why I look like that. Probably because I really haven't slept well in a while)

But that's all.

I really hope that my Sugarpill order comes soon, can't wait to try Royal Sugar and Asylum!

Jun 24, 2010

They see me hauling, they be...

Hola everyone!

I was at the movies yesterday (I watched Iron Man 2, which was great, I love Tony Stark ;D)
And I did some shopping, and postman brought me stuff:
My order from Asos arrived, Illamasqua Pure Pigment and Powder Eyeshadow.

.. Then I did some Make Up Store hauling in Helsinki...
  • Swank lipstick
  • Jupiter High Tech Lighter
  • Cult Eye Dust
  • Synthetic e/s Brush - Small (204)
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Fashion false lashes
I also got:


I got two AWESOME necklaces from Ebay, I really love the first one with the big bird gage. Love <3

Sugar Crub and Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel wash.


Here's a closer look of the makeup I bought:


Powder Eye Shadow Victim.
This was on sale at Asos, and I finally decided to try some Illamasqua.
I have to say that this was a bit disappointment.
Color is very nice, payoff isn't. You really need to work to get color out of this! Plus it has another negative thing. Once you get it in your lid, you can't get it off. I mean it stains, badly. Very unusual combination to have both, bad color payoff and staining :P

Breathe Pure Pigment.
This was on sale too, so that's why this. This is very generic white loose eyeshadow.
It very shimmery, quite pigmented and.. I hate the package. Sure it's pretty I mean, but I really don't like the way that the jar opens.

Make Up Store:

Cult eyedust.
This doesn't look like much on the swatch pic, but on white base it's awesome.

High Tech Lighter Jupiter.
This is a multipurpose product, that can be used for lips, highlight, base, eyeshadow.. I took silver, 'cos I need weird stuff for weird looks :D

Fashion false lashes. Ah. Love <3 Make Up Store has lot of sweet falsies, some of the super bold, like this one. I can't wait to try these :D


Candy Glitter Liners, Jade and Hot Pink. 
I finally got to try these, I've heard much good about these. 
And I have to say that these may be the best glitter liners I've tried.


Construtivist paint pot. Another baby for my paint pot family. I really don't know why I love paint pots so much, I just got to have them all :D
This one is superpretty metallic brown.


Eye Loose Powder Golden Jewel
This one cought my eye from the sale. It really neat looking IRL, it has several different colored sparkles in it. Quite pigmented.

Here's swatches:
Click to enlarge

And finally my yesterday's look, with Illamasqua Victim and Sugarpill Poison Plum + Buttercupcake:

That's all this time!